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 Sept 28 - Oct 27, 2020

Become a healthier, happier you!

Are You Looking To...

  • Improve your well-being and create healthier habits?

  • Stop feeling guilt and shame over food?

  • Have more energy throughout the day?

  • Improve your fitness level?

  • Ditch the diet mentality?

  • Make lasting changes?

  • Gain inspiration, motivation and accountability with your health?

woman in kitchen

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness level or create healthier habits, Thrive 30 can help you get there!


With extra support, accountability and motivation, you’re more likely to achieve your goals and stay on track! This program will provide that and more! In this Challenge, you’ll learn how to effectively lose weight, build strength and nourish your body by eating healthy, balanced meals with zero deprivation or guilt of the foods you love. Best of all, no calorie counting, weight loss supplements or measuring! Simply whole foods, efficient and challenging workouts, motivation to help keep you on track.


You will learn to nourish your body in a way that is sustainable and balanced so you can feel your best and truly thrive in everyday life!


This 30 Day Challenge is designed to help you:

Lose weight in healthy and sustainable way

Learn to listen to your body!

Adopt positive mindset changes and habits

Boost energy, motivation and mental clarity

Reduce food cravings

Increase strength and stamina

Learn to fuel your body properly and effectively

Take the guesswork out of meal prep

Learn key strategies to set you up for future success 


This challenge really is a holistic approach to health addressing diet, lifestyle factors and mindset shifts to help you live your best life and achieve optimal health.


Why Thrive 30?

During these unprecedented times, many people are looking for ways to improve their health and avoid illness more than ever. Many are working out at home and making more meals in their kitchen as well. There are things we can do to better our health and take preventative measures through diet and exercise. This Challenge has come as very timely to come aside you and support your health goals in a motivational, fun and supportive way. September is the new January and a great time to reset, build healthy

habits and get into a good routine. 


This Challenge is NOT a "Quick Fix," "a diet " or "Lose it in 30."  It." The focus of this Challenge is about HEALTH and creating healthy and sustainable habits. This Challenge provides a structured plan to help you succeed, stay on track and feel your best. Led by experienced health and fitness professionals who have helped many women with their health over the years. For 30 days, you will have a fitness and nutrition plan that takes the guesswork out and help to guide, motivate and educate you on your health journey. The workouts are geared towards all fitness levels (with modifications) and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You will also receive a 30 day meal plan that is focused on real whole foods to properly nourish your body. You will be further supported by not only your coaches, but a community that is also on a health journey to better themselves with ongoing support, education and inspiration.

What’s Included?

30 Day At Home Fitness Plan for all levels designed to build strength, stamina and lose weight – can be done anywhere, anytime, at your pace.


Variety of workouts that are progressive and designed to build your fitness level over the 4 weeks. Workouts include: HIIT, Bootcamp, Full body strength, Core, Barre,

Yoga, Cardio, AMRAP. Equipment optional.


30 Day FLEXIBLE Meal plan  with all your meals and snacks–Includes all your ingredients, grocery shopping list and nutrient breakdown. Suitable for the whole family.

Private Facebook group - so you can connect and share with other women on th same journey.

Weekly Coaching - support, motivation and accountability and inspiration

Nutrition and fitness education

Guest interviews to help inspire and educate you on your health journey




Goal setting and Healthy Habit assessment

Weekly contests and giveaways

Live cooking demos with Natural Food Chef, Heather Pace + learn to make 

delicious guilt free raw vegan desserts

Additional recipes to keep you going and more!


Challenge FAQ’s

Do I need Facebook to be part of the Challenge?

No. Facebook is totally optional and not required to be part of the Challenge. The Facebook Group is there for extra support, motivation and connection with other women.


How will I view the workouts?

You will be given a private link to the workouts which you can access anytime and even put up on your TV screen.


How long are the workouts and what's the week schedule like?

Workouts are 30-40 minutes in length and include a proper warm up and cool down. There are different workouts each day of the week ranging from Barre, Full Body Strength, HIIT, Yoga and Core. (Mon - Fri).

What if I don’t like one of the meal options?

While we try to address a variety of needs and preferences, we certainly can’t appease to every single person as this is not an individualized program. We will however provide options and ideas for swaps in case there’s something you don’t like. Throughout the Challenge you will be given a variety of recipes and inspiration throughout the week so you’ll have lots to choose from!


Do I need equipment to do the workouts?

Equipment is totally optional for the workouts. You will be able to do the workouts without equipment using your body weight. However, if you want to add resistance here’s what to have handy: dumbbells (variety of weights), yoga mat and resistance loop bands.


Do I need to have a decent fitness level to do the workouts?

No. These workouts were made for the beginner to the advanced in mind. All workouts are modified and you will be given options to progress or regress. This program is designed to gradually build your strength and endurance over the 4 weeks. Before starting any exercise program, ensure you have Doctor clearance and understand your limits.


Can I participate in the Challenge if I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can participate if you are pregnant. All workouts can be modified. Ensure you have Doctor clearance and feel ok to workout. 


Do I have to follow the meal plan exactly?

The meal plan is not set in stone that you have to follow it to a T. It is there to act as a guideline and is flexible, giving you ideas, inspiration and guidance. The meal plan itself is focused on whole foods that will help nourish your body.


Who Are Your Coaches?

Head Coach: Nicole Barnes

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor


Nicole Barnes is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist and soon to be mama of two. She comes with a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry and has helped hundreds of women transform their health over the years. She loves teaching bootcamp, Core and HIIT type of Group Fitness classes.


Her approach to health is all encompassing and aims to help women achieve a balanced lifestyle that incorporates a holistic approach; considering the mind body connection. Over the years, she has helped many women achieve better digestion, weight loss, hormone balancing and physical strength. Nicole believes that “a healthy outside truly starts from the inside. What we put in our body matters and over time, it can add up.” Nicole wants to share her passion for fitness and nutrition with other women and encourage a happier lifestyle, helping them realize what their body is capable of.


You can connect with Nicole on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube for free workouts and more under @nourishedfitlife

Special Guest: Heather Pace

Certified Natural Food Chef, Yoga Instructor and Author

Heather is a classically trained chef specializing in plant based cuisine. She’s the author of Sweetly Raw Desserts cookbook, has written 10 recipe e-books, and is the blogger behind Sweetly Raw​ (www.sweetlyraw.com). Driven by her sweet tooth, her motto is "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too." Heather loves to teach people how to make healthy guilt free desserts that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. She’s taught food classes around the world, has been featured on TV shows across Canada, and has worked in all areas of the food industry. 


With yoga as her other passion, Heather has been a certified yoga instructor for 11 years and loves to teach classes. You can find her free yoga classes, recipes, and health videos on her ​YouTube channel​ and connect with her daily on ​Instagram @sweetlyraw

Special Guest Instructor: Amanda Gill

Group Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker

Amanda has made a career of helping people live happier and healthier lives and has over 15 years of experience in marketing and coordinating health and wellness programs. Her true passion lies in motivating people to move. She is a certified fitness leader through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association and enjoys leading cycle, barre and Zumba classes. She says "if you're moving and laughing you're doing it right!"

She loves bringing JOY to people's day! Check out her podcast at www. Journeytojoypodcast.com You can also follow her on instagram at @Amandajoygill  and @journeytojoypodcast


What clients are saying from previous Fitness 

and Nutrition Challenges:

The challenge for me over the past 30 days has been to eliminate refined sugars.  However, I found that by committing myself to this program, I was able to stay the course most days particularly because of the yummy desert and snack recipes provided. I thought I ate a relatively healthy diet before starting the challenge, but it has made me more aware of the foods that I consume and how they effect my energy and moods.  Taking the time to consider what and how I'm eating has made a big difference in registering when I'm actually full. It's definitely been a rewarding experience for me and I hope to continue being mindful of how I fuel my body.


- Heather H. | Calgary, AB | 30 Day Reset


Are YOU ready to take that next step to make changes and make your health a priority?  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.


Sign up now and claim your spot for only $99


*All taxes and fees included!









Contact Nicole Barnes at nourishedfitlife.com 

Valued at $397

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