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My Approach



I don't believe you need to count calories, follow the latest diet trend or workout for hours to reach your health goals. I do believe that everyone is unique and there is no one diet or fitness approach that fits all. My approach is all-encompassing when it comes to addressing your health concerns. I consider a holistic approach by using both body and mind to create a whole foods diet and lifestyle plan to accommodate your unique preferences. My coaching style is about sustainability and not a typical quick fix program - it's about creating a lifestyle!

With proven methods, you will gain a better understanding of your body, and learn how to properly nourish yourself in a way that encourages balance, and momentum towards your optimal health. I want to help you create a positive relationship with food, your body and your life!

Hi! My name is Nicole, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, chocolate lover, outdoor enthusiast, wife and mama. I am truly passionate about health and fitness and supporting women on their wellness journey so they can live a full life.

Where it all started​

My personal health journey began in my early 20’s when I really started  to experience  chronic skin conditions, nagging joint pain and digestive issues. My body felt so inflamed and lacked energy, but I thought this was just 'normal' and would go away on its own. 


Although I was always quite active and involved in sports my whole life, I never paid too much attention to the quality of my diet. I ate to get the calories in for in for my workouts and tried to eat what I thought was a healthy diet. I later realized the quality of my diet was not serving me or fueling my body properly.

When I would visit the doctors to discuss solutions to my health problems, I was repeatedly prescribed medications, antibiotics and the birth control pill, but no solid answers or getting to the root cause. I was also told I would have to be on the birth pill indefinitely if I wanted to support my acne; this only messed up my hormones and gut further. I would leave these doctors visits so frustrated, confused and helpless. Not once was nutrition mentioned. I knew there were alternative solutions and was done with the band-aid approach. I needed to get to the root cause and  implement a more natural approach. 
After many years of discomfort in my body,  I reached a turning point out of desperation, and took my health into my own hands. I began to research for a holistic approach and embarked on a natural healing journey, which included a whole foods diet, a well rounded fitness routine and mindset shifts. I began to heal from within. The inflammation in my body subsided and as a result, the chronic joint pain diminished, skin cleared up and my digestive issues greatly improved. I even discovered I had some food sensitivities and saw that what I was putting into my body had a direct link to how I felt and symptoms that arose. I started to experience true freedom in my body and knew I wanted to help others do the same.

After experiencing some of my own health matters and losing my mom to cancer years later, it fueled my passion for holistic health. It led me to study Natural Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and dig deeper so that I could help others with their health. I became determined to take my knowledge and passion for health to the next level. I knew I wanted to help people live their best life, experience true freedom in their bodies and feel empowered with their health.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle...for life!

As a busy mom, I feel it's important more than ever to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and be the best version of myself. I've found that when I make time for regular exercise and healthy eating, I feel stronger, happier and energized to keep up with the everyday demands of life. Not only do I want to maintain this lifestyle, but also model healthy living for my family as well. I used to think that self care was selfish as a new mom, but quickly came to realize it is essential and the benefits are endless.

The more we fill up ourselves, make the time and prioritize our health, the more we have to give and can be at our best. You are worth it!

Wherever you are in your health journey, I want to help you in a way that's sustainable and works with your lifestyle and goals. Let's chat!

Yours in health, 

Nicole Barnes 

Health Credentials

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • Natural Nutrition diploma (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition)

  • AFLCA Group Fitness Instructor (Alberta Fitness Leadership Council Association) 

  • Pre & Post Natal Certified

  • Resistance Training Specialist

  • TRX and Agatsu Kettlebell Certified

  • Fitness Leadership Certificate

  • Current First Aid and CPR

What is Holistic Nutrition?

​Holistic nutrition focuses on a complete and natural approach to health with evidence-based techniques, and considers each person as whole, connecting the mind, body and spirit. It also recognizes that we are all biochemically unique and that there’s not one diet that fits all. We do this by considering the lifestyle habits, emotional state, dietary habits and complete health history.
We will work to get to the root cause of your health concerns and develop an individualized health plan that is unique to you. This includes nutrient-dense whole foods, lifestyle recommendations, and natural supplements to bring your health into a state of balance.

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